H&R KGaA, are a Germany based but internationally active company. Our core business is the development and manufacturing of crude-oil based chemical/pharmaceutical specialty products and precision plastic components.

Crude oil is a natural resource which makes our modern life today easier in numerous ways. We use this raw material to produce more than 800 innovative, environmentally-friendly and premium quality products such as softeners, white oils and paraffins. Our high precision plastic parts are used primarily in the automotive industry and for medical technology.

Being an innovative company we are constanly working on making our production processes even more efficient and increasing the value creation of our facilities. The work finished in 2011 on the largest single project in our company's history to date in our Hamburg refinery underlines this strategy. This project is only the beginning: Our raw materials have a virtually unlimited potential. We will continue to stick to our belief in the future:

Oil is far too valuable to be burned!